0/9 – 900004 collectors

List of products: 0/9 – 900004 collectors 900004 Spring loaded pantograph connector, 200A 900042 Suspension spring connector, 1000A 900049 Rotating…


A – ammeter

List of products: ammeters Ammeter FP80 100/200A Ammeter FP80 150/1A Ammeter FP80 60/120A Ammeter FP80 75/1A


C – coils

List of products: coils Coil C100 42V/50Hz Coil K25E, 48V/50Hz Coil V03C/V13D 220V/50Hz Coil V03C/V13D 220V/60Hz Coil V03C/V13D 48V/50Hz Coil…


D – Dold

List of products: DOLD DOLD (E. Dold & Sohne Kg) EC7666.21/031 220VAC


E – electrical hydraulic drives

List of products: electrical hydraulic drives EB125/60 Shock absorber spring EB20/50 Shock absorber spring EB50/50 Shock absorber spring Eldro BL12,…

H – buzzer

List of products: buzzers Buzzer 4FE60103 24V AC Buzzer 4FE60104 120V AC Buzzer 4FE60105 220V AC Buzzer 4FE60115 220V AC…

I – circuit-breakers

List of products: circuit breakers Circuit-breaker BA51-33-50 160A Circuit-breaker J1K50A-11,3A Circuit-breaker J1K50A-5A Circuit-breaker J1K50A-6,3A Circuit-breaker J1K50A-8A Circuit-breaker J1K50A-č.12U Circuit-breaker J1K82A-24,7A…


J – auxiliary contact unit

List of products: auxiliary contact unit Auxiliary contact unit BK1111,Ui=660,Ith=10A Auxiliary contact unit BK22E,Ui=660V,Ith=10A Auxiliary contact unit BK31E,Ui=660V,Ith=10A Auxiliary contact…


K – arcing chamber

List of products: arcing chamber Arcing chamber V53D Arcing chamber VH250DO Arcing chamber VH400 Master contact fixed left V13C Master…


M – miniature snap-action switch

List of products: miniature snap-action switch Miniature snap-action switch 3594*83590 sheave Miniature snap-action switch 493 Miniature snap-action switch 4937-403 (3594-82630)…