Explosion-proof electrical buzzers are used as acoustic signal device in environments potentially explosive atmospheres of gases, vapors or flammable liquids (in mines, etc.). This environments are included in explosion group I. Also an environment that is included in the T5 temperature class and explosion group IIB.

Technical parameters
maximum input power: 40VA
volume in dist. 5m from the axis of the horn: 68 db
signaling tone frequency: 100Hz
length of operation: max. 60min.
temperature range: -10°C to +40°C
dimensions (WxDxH) / 129x204x167mm
weight: 7kg

Buzzer 4FE 601 03, 24V~ (4FE60103)
Buzzer 4FE 601 04, 120V~ (4FE60104)
Buzzer 4FE 601 05, 230V~ (4FE60105)
Buzzer 3FE 601 C6 220V~
Buzzer CE-1, 220V~, 6961-68

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