Current collectors

Current collectors with accessories for bridge cranes are designed and tested for rated voltage of 750V, and rated current load of collectors is chosen from the standardized series: 63, 125, 250, 400, 630, 1000, 1600, 2000A.
Collectors contact force on the contact wire is chosen so that in place of the current collection to prevent against overheating driver or collector, but at least 20N.

Technical parameters
Sheave connectors with bronze or brass sheave manufacturer recommends to use to current consumption of copper wire trolley conductors to the current load max. 125-150A and temperature to 100°C.

Carbon connectors for the current consumption of copper wire trolley conductors the manufacturer recommends to use to the current load max. 125-150A and temperature to 70°C.
Pantograph connectors with bronze, cast iron and electrographite pin can be used for all types of trolley conductors for any current load and temperature to 70°C. By the choice of connector it is necessary to choose the material of the pins by material of trolley conductors.

900004 Spring loaded pantograph connector, 200A
900042 Suspension spring connector, 1000A
900049 Rotating carbon spring loaded connector, 63A
900102 Spring loaded sheave connector
900103 Spring loaded sheave connector
901041 Non-suspension floating spring connector, 63A
901042 Non-suspension floating spring connector, 125A
901101 Non-suspension sheave connector, 63-100A
901104.1 Non-suspension sheave connector, 125-200A
90-1-151 Pantograph connector arm
910001 Overhead contact wire insulator
910002 Overhead contact wire insulator
911206 Spreader hook
911207 (911646) Spreader hook
911602 Support rails
911604 Suspension insulator

911605 Spreader insulator
911643 Spreader and suspension insulator
912003 Spreader insulator for rails
920001 Tram wire holder
920002 Tram wire holder
921001 Tensioner - strain insulator
921005 Strain insulator w/o turnbuckle
921005 Tensioner – strain insulator w/o turnbuckle
994005 Spring for 900004 contactor
994007 Accumulator pin
994015 Brass sheave, 60 mm diameter
994020 Insulator casing
994061 Carbon (901041/901042 insulator)
994072 Insulator
994105 T3 carbon (contactor 900049)
994125.1 Contactor pivot arm
994125.2 Contactor pivot pins
994131 Brass sheave, 85mm diameter

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