T6 switch system

T6 push-buttons are available in versions: A - squeeze; C - squeeze illuminated; E - signal lamp; H - pushbutton switch protection cap; J - pushbutton switch with catch; B, G - multi-switch positions actuator heads; D, K, L - lockable. Backlit built-in Ba9s bulb (24V-2W) or mounted directly to T6 switch system. Actuator head diameter is 30 mm. Several color options, easy installation and replacement.

T6A30 Push-button, for switching unit T6
T6An30 Push-button, red
T6B30 Push-button, three switch positions
T6C30 Push-button, for T6 socket
T6D30 Push-button, with key
T6E30 Push-button, signal lamp
T6G30 Push-button, two switch positions
T6H30 Push-button, red protection cap
T6J30 Push-button, red with catch
T6K30 Push-button, with key
T6L30 Push-button, with key
T6AT30 IP54 Push-button
T6 Ba9s bulb socket 24V/2W
T6 OC3001 bulb socket
T6 S2A IP44 front panel, red/green
T6 S3A IP44 front panel, green/red/green
T6 M1/250ss speed-torque switching unit
T6 T6Z111 switching unit, 6/380V~
T6 T6M switching unit, 2/48V~

T6 Joining piece
T6 S2 O 30 IP44 pushbutton (box) w/o head
T6 S3 O 30 IP44 pushbutton (box) w/o head
T6S1A Pushbutton switch IP44
T6S1H Pushbutton switch IP44
T6S2A Double pushbutton switch IP44, metallic
T6S1E IP44 Pushbutton indicator
T6 T6SETR2 IP44 Pushbutton indicator, green
T6TR2 Transformer, 110V/24V
T6TR2 Transformer, 220V/24V
T6TR2 Transformer, 380V/24V
T6TR2 Transformer, 48V/24V
T6 Veko C30 actuator head
T6 Baseplate
T6 Ba9s bulb 24V/2W
T6E White head + TR2 transformer TR2 220V/24V
T6S2AP IP54 Double pushbutton switch, red/green plastic
T6S3A IP44 Triple pushbutton switch green/red/green

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