Fuse bases are designed for blade type fuse links sizes 000, 00, 1, 2, 3. Fuse bases are made of glass reinforced molding material (SPB type) or zinc-chromated steel plates with steatite contact carriers (SPF type).

Fuse carrier E27
Fuse carrier E40
Fuse contact 4A 2511
Fuse contact 6A 2511
Fuse contact 10A 2511
Fuse contact 16A 2511
Fuse contact 20A 2511
Fuse contact 25A 2511
Fuse contact 35A 2521
Fuse contact 50A 2521
Fuse contact 63A 2521

Fuse base E27 2110-30
Built-in fuse base E27 2112-30
Built-in fuse base E27 2112-33
Fuse base E33 2120-30
Fuse base E33 2120-31
Built-in fuse base E33 2122-31
Fuse base SPF1 SS, 690V/250A, IP00
Fuse base SPF2 SS, 690V/400A, IP00
Fuse base SPF3 SS, 690V/630A, IP00

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