Contactor coils

New replacement coils for air contactors DC (DC/DC) or alternating current (50Hz/AC). Four-pole and two-pole auxiliary contacts PK and BK are designed for switching in control circuits in conjunction with joints "C" series.

Coils C100 42V/50Hz
Coils K25E 48V/50Hz
Coils V03C - V13D 220V/50Hz
Coils V03C - V13D 220V/60Hz
Coils V03C - V13D 48V/50Hz
Coils V100E 110V/50Hz
Coils V100E 220Vss
Coils V100E 220V/50Hz
Coils V100E 24Vss
Coils V100E 380V/50Hz
Coils V85F - V105F 230V/50Hz
Coils V13C 220V/50Hz
Coils V13C 380V/50Hz

Coils V140F - V170F 230V/50Hz
Coils V160E 220V/50Hz
Coils V160E 380V
Coils V160E 500V/50Hz
Coils V16E - 25E 110V/50Hz
Coils V16M - 25M 110Vss
Coils V16D - 25D 220V/50Hz
Coils V16E - 25E 24V/50Hz
Coils V16D - 25D 24Vss
Coils V16M - 25M 380V/50Hz
Coils V16E - 25E 48V/50Hz
Coils V16D - 25D 48Vss
Coils V205F - V250F 230V/50Hz

Coils V205F - V250F 500V/50Hz
Coils V33D 220V/50Hz
Coils V40E 110V/50Hz
Coils V40E 220V/50Hz
Coils V40E 24V/50Hz
Coils V40E 380V/50Hz
Coils V40E 42V/50Hz
Coils V40E 48V/50Hz
Coils V40E 48Vss
Coils V40E 500V/50Hz
Coils V43D 220V/50Hz
Coils V53D 220V/50Hz
Coils V63E 110V/50Hz

Coils V63E 500V/50Hz
Coils VH250DO - VH400 220V..230V/50Hz
Coils VH250DO - VH400 380V..400V/50Hz
Coils VH250DO - VH400 500V/50Hz
Auxiliary contact unit BK1111 Ui=660,Ith=10A
Auxiliary contact unit BK22E Ui=660V,Ith=10A
Auxiliary contact unit BK31E Ui=660V,Ith=10A
Auxiliary contact unit EP1A02
Auxiliary contact unit EP1A22
Auxiliary contact unit LADN22
Auxiliary contact unit PK11E Ui=690V,Ith=10A
Auxiliary contact unit PK22E Ui=660V,Ith=10A
Auxiliary contact unit PK31E Ui=660V,Ith=10A

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