HR-VS vacuum contactors

Vacuum contactors are electromagnetically actuated contactors designed for frequent closing and opening exclusively alternating electrical circuits low and high voltage to 3,3kV with a current rating up to 450A to the extent of making and breaking current assigned to AC1, AC2, AC3, AC4 categories.
The contactors are especially designed for switching of squirrel cage motors and squirrel ring binder. Because of its small size and weight, high electric life with a minimum of maintenance are suitable for use in mines and industries with heavy traffic.

Vacuum contactor HR-VS200, 200A, 1,2kV, 50-60Hz
Vacuum contactor HR-VS3, 315A, 1,2kV, 50-60Hz
Vacuum contactor HR-VS4, 400A, 1,2kV, 50-60Hz

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