Older model contactors

Air contactors (contactors, which contacts operating in air at normal pressure) are designed for frequent switching electrical circuits, especially three-phase asynchronous motors.The V-line contactors are older types of products produced by Elektropřístroj Modřany company. Some types were innovated under the new name "V..F".

Contactor V16D, 16A, 110V~
Contactor V16D, 16A, 220V~
Contactor V16D, 16A, 24V~
Contactor V16D, 16A, 24Vss
Contactor V16D, 16A, 380V~
Contactor V16M, 16A, 110V~
Contactor V16M, 16A, 220V~
Contactor V16M, 16A, 24V~
Contactor V16M, 16A, 24Vss
Contactor V16M, 16A, 48V~
Contactor V25D, 25A, 220V~
Contactor V25D, 25A, 24V~
Contactor V25D, 25A, 24Vss
Contactor V25D, 25A, 380V~
Contactor V25D, 25A, 42V~
Contactor V25D, 25A, 48V~
Contactor V25D, 25A, 48Vss
Contactor V25E, 25A, 110V~
Contactor V25E, 25A, 220V~
Contactor V25E, 25A, 24V~
Contactor V25E, 25A, 380V~
Contactor V25E, 25A, 48Vss
Contactor V25M, 25A, 220V~
Contactor V25M, 25A, 24V~
Contactor V25M, 25A, 24Vss
Contactor V25M, 25A, 500V~

Contactor V03C, 25A, 220V~
Contactor V03C, 25A, 24V~
Contactor V03C, 25A, 48V~
Contactor V13C, 40A, 220V~
Contactor V13C, 40A, 24V~
Contactor V13D, 40A, 110V~
Contactor V13D, 40A, 220V~
Contactor V13D, 40A, 220V/60Hz
Contactor V13D, 40A, 24V~
Contactor V13D, 40A, 380V~
Contactor V13D, 40A, 48V~
Contactor V13D, 40A, 48Vss
Contactor V13D, 40A, 500V~
Contactor V13D, 40A, 60Vss
Contactor V40E, 40A, 110V~
Contactor V40E, 40A, 220V~
Contactor V40E, 40A, 24V~
Contactor V40E, 40A, 24Vss
Contactor V40E, 40A, 380V~
Contactor V40E, 40A, 48V~
Contactor V40E, 40A, 48Vss
Contactor V63EO, 63A, 110V~
Contactor V63E, 63A, 110Vss
Contactor V63E, 63A, 220V~
Contactor V63E, 63A, 24V~
Contactor V63E, 63A, 24Vss

Contactor V63E, 63A, 380V~
Contactor V63E, 63A, 48Vss
Contactor V63ER, 63A, 220V~
Contactor V100E, 100A, 110V~
Contactor V100E, 100A, 110Vss
Contactor V100E, 100A, 220V~
Contactor V100E, 100A, 220Vss
Contactor V100E, 100A, 24V~
Contactor V100E, 100A, 380V~
Contactor V100E, 100A, 500V~
Contactor V33C, 100A, 220V~
Contactor V33C, 100A, 500V~
Contactor V33D, 100A, 110V~
Contactor V33D, 100A, 220V~
Contactor V33D, 100A, 220V/60Hz
Contactor V33D, 100A, 380V~
Contactor V33D, 100A, 48V~
Contactor V33D, 100A, 500V~
Contactor V160EO, 160A, 220V~
Contactor V160E, 160A, 24Vss
Contactor V160E, 160A, 380V~
Contactor V43C, 160A, 220V~
Contactor V43D, 160A, 220V~
Contactor V43DO, 160A, 380V~
Contactor V43DO, 160A, 500V~
Contactor V250E, 250A, 220V~
Contactor V250E, 250A, 380V~
Contactor V250E, 250A, 415V~

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