V…F-line air contactors

Air contactors (contactors, which contacts operating in air at normal pressure) are designed for frequent switching electrical circuits, especially three-phase asynchronous motors.
The „V..F“-line contactors are structurally based on „V..E“ and „V..EO“ lines. The „V..F“-line consists of types V85F, V105F, V140F, V170F, V205F and V250F. Contactors contain four auxiliary contacts 2a/2b (2NO/2NC).

Contactor V85F 230V/50Hz, 85A, 45kW
Contactor V105F 24V/50Hz, 85A, 45kW
Contactor V105F 230V/50Hz, 105A, 55kW
Contactor V105F 48V DC, 105A, 55kW
Contactor V105F 230V DC, 105A, 55kW

Contactor V140F 230V/50Hz, 140A, 75kW
Contactor V170F 24V/50Hz, 140A, 75kW
Contactor V170F 230V/50Hz, 170A, 90kW
Contactor V205F 230V/50Hz, 205A, 110kW
Contactor V250F 230V/50Hz, 250A, 132kW

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