C-line contactors

Air contactors (contactors, which contacts operating in air at normal pressure) are designed for frequent switching electrical circuits, especially three-phase asynchronous motors. With the C-line contactors can be used superstructure members and on small space assemble compact switch unit with various advanced features.

Contactor C100, 100A, 110V~
Contactor C100, 100A, 110Vss
Contactor C100, 100A, 220V~
Contactor C100, 100A, 220Vss
Contactor C100, 100A, 24V~
Contactor C100, 100A, 24Vss
Contactor C12, 220V~
Contactor C12, 24V~
Contactor C12.10, 25A, 230V~, 5,5kW
Contactor C12.10, 25A, 500V~, 5,5kW
Contactor C16.11, 24V~
Contactor C16M, 220V~
Contactor C16M, 24Vss
Contactor C16M, 500V~
Contactor C17, 16A, 220V~
Contactor C17.10, 220V~
Contactor C23.10, 25A, 230V~, 11kW
Contactor C25, 220V~
Contactor C25, 500V~
Contactor C25.11, 32A, 230V~, 11kW
Contactor C25.11, 32A, 24V~, 11kW
Contactor C25.11, 32A, 380V~, 11kW
Contactor C25.11, 32A, 500V~, 11kW

Contactor C25M, 220V~
Contactor C25M, 24V~
Contactor C25M, 24Vss
Contactor C32.11, 230V~
Contactor C32M, 24V~
Contactor C40.11, 50A, 230V~, 20kW
Contactor C40.11, 50A, 42V~, 20kW
Contactor C44, 220V~, 22kW
Contactor C44, 24V~, 22kW
Contactor C44, 48V~, 22kW
Contactor C44M, 48Vss
Contactor C44M, 230V~, 22kW
Contactor C44M, 48V~, 22kW
Contactor C50.11, 60A, 230V~, 25kW
Contactor C60, 110V~, 30kW
Contactor C60, 220V~, 30kW
Contactor C60, 380V~, 30kW
Contactor C63M, 230V~
Contactor C65.11, 75A, 230V~, 30kW
Contactor C80.11, 85A, 230V~, 37kW
Contactor C9, 220V~
Contactor C9.10, 230V~
Contactor C9.10, 24Vss

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